Demogravi3 Project

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The DEMOGRAVI3 project is focused on designing, building, assembling, transporting, installing and demonstrating a full scale foundation, equipped with a 2 MW offshore wind turbine, in a consented and grid connected demonstration site.

Additionally, the project will undertake further technology development for improved design and perform an in depth evaluation of the technology’s future industrialization, competitiveness and bankability.

In particular, the DEMOGRAVI3 project will demonstrate an innovative hybrid concrete-steel, self-buoyant bottom standing gravity based foundation (GBF) for offshore wind farms positioned in water depths between 35 and 60m. The complete unit (turbine and foundation) will be built and assembled onshore and towed while floating to the deployment site, where it will be submerged by an innovative patented process on a controlled way without the need for external support or heavy lift vessels. This project will demonstrate the following aspects:
– Design, Fabrication and Assembly
– Transport and Installation, namely the submergence process
– Operation and Maintenance while supporting a working wind turbine
– Performance of the foundation and wind turbine vis-à-vis estimations
– Decommissioning and “post operation” analysis

The specific goals are:
– To take the technology of the referred self-buoyant gravity based foundation concept from TRL 5 to TRL 7
– To demonstrate it is a technically viable solution to support offshore wind turbines, namely by confirming its performance estimates
– To demonstrate that this technology will attain an affordable LCOE in the medium term
– To demonstrate that this concept is a sustainable technology option to achieve the energy targets in the EU
– To create innovative and sustainable business models that maximize value creation while minimizing risks
– To further develop the technology for improved design, deployment and O&M
– To disseminate project results globally, namely opening its demonstration site for educational purposes, namely under the framework of the EUREC Master on Renewable Energy and KIC InnoEnergy Master on Energy Engineering and Management, and positioning Europe and European Institutions (Companies and Academia) as global leaders in offshore wind foundations”