Last November the 28th project DEMOGRAVI3 was presented to the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commission by the project’s coordinator, Rui Chousal (EDP Renewables) and a member of the Project Management team, Miguel Marques (EDP CNET), alongside Javier Ivars (TyPSA). The presentation was focused on the project’s objectives and methodology, expected impacts and current status. The project’s dissemination and communication activities were also outlined.

The presentation of DEMOGRAVI3 was made under the Horizon 2020 Contractors’ Workshop for Wind Energy Projects, an event organized by INEA within the framework of H2020 programme implementation. All 7 funded projects in the area of Wind Energy were presented (additional details for these projects can be found here). A large portion of the workshop was devoted to the active discussion between project’s representatives resulting in concrete plans for future collaboration between projects.

This event was a valuable opportunity to collect comments and feedback from INEA and also to get to know in more detail other ongoing projects and explore synergies within the projects.